TEA CONTROL 0,8L brewer

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TEA CONTROL™ 0.8L teapot with brew control 

TEA CONTROL™ is ideal for preparing loose leaf tea. The patented filter mechanism allows easy control of the infusion. The tea leaves are moved and compressed with a simple twist of the lid, to slow down the infusion.  This way you can keep the tea in the pot without getting bitter.  A clean solution for preparing tea directly at the table and ensuring good taste.

The glass pitcher is heat-resistant and allows you to observe the the progress of the infusion, which is controlled by the lid: Turn it clockwise to reduce the infusion and return it to take it up again. Tea can be prepared a second and third time with TEA CONTROL™. The integrated filter basket, which controls the infusion, is made from Tritan™.

The design of the TEA CONTROL™ series was awarded the German reddot™ and the GOOD DESIGN™ award by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Enjoy delicious tea from the first to the last cup!

Product Facts


Tea Pot 0,8L from  borosilicate glass with brew-control filter from Tritan™
suitable for whole-leaf tea
stylish stainless-steel knob
ideal for use in foodservice
multilingual instructions manual (DE, EN, FR, ES, JP, CN)