HOT GLASS Doppelwandiges Glas 130ml (24 Stück)

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  • Doppelwandiges, hitzebeständiges Borosilikat-Glas hält Getränke länger heiß
  • 130 ml Füllvermögen
  • Lässt sich auch ohne Henkel trotz Hitze immer angenehm anfassen
  • Für Tee, Kaffee und Kräuter
  • Einfache Reinigung, spülmaschinengeeignet


  • 1 Glas / Schachtel
  • 4 Gläser / Bündel
  • 24 Schachteln (=6 Bündel) / Karton
  • 4 Sprachen (DE, EN, FR, ES)



Cool Touch: The Hot Glass is the solution for everyone who wants to keep fingers cool while keeping the drink much longer hot. The double wall insulates hot and cold beverages alike with yet a second effect: No more damaged surfaces because of wet vapor-film rings or heatmarks! The double wall keeps them away. No coaster is necessary anymore! 
Hot Design: Every beverage, hot or cool, tea or coffee, is individually presented and therefore becomes an enjoyable highlight.



  • double-walled, made from borosilicate (heat resistant) glass
  • dishwasher safe
  • extra tasteless materials 
  • tea hat prevents heat-loss
  • 130 ml capacitys


  • 1 glass / box
  • 4 glass cups / bundle
  • 24 cup (= 6 bundles) / master carton
  • 4 languages (EN, DE, FR, ES)